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What to Expect:  

  • Discover how you can earn enough to supplement or even replace your 9-5 income 

  • Learn the secret behind getting paid to shop at all your favorite places

  • How Mystery Shopping can help you reach financial freedom


Get Paid to Shop at Thousands of Places Worldwide


Grocery Stores

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What People Are Saying


"I was looking for a way to supplement my income and decided to give this a try. They give you everything you need to help you get going as a Mystery Shopper."


"This is an amazing resource and mentorship that is helping me to build some cash flow to quickly pay down debt."


"I am so blessed that God allowed me to be apart of this industry. If you are needing extra income then Mystery Shopping would be best for you 😊"

Meet Your Host

Mercedes Eckert has been a professional mystery shopper for almost a decade. Her expertise has helped hundreds of people around the world create an income stream for their families by shopping at various businesses worldwide. 
As a wife and mother of two, Mercedes knows first-hand what is like to need that extra "cushion" in your bank account. You'll hear her story live, as she shares how she got into mystery shopping and the difference it has made for her family - AND the difference it can make for YOU.

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