The Ultimate Guide to Snagging Freebies

Jan 12, 2024

Mystery shopping has gained popularity in recent years as a fun and exciting way to earn extra income. But did you know that it can also be an excellent way to score some amazing freebies? For me, that’s the most exciting part of mystery shopping! By becoming a mystery shopper, you not only get paid for your time and effort but also have the opportunity to enjoy a range of complimentary products and services.

 Some of my favorite free items I have received for free have been home decor items, card and board games, kitchen items, clothing, gas, and groceries. But, you can also get some pretty amazing high-ticket items as a mystery shopper that are not often talked about.

  1. Fine Dining Experiences: Imagine being able to savor gourmet meals at some of the finest restaurants in town all without spending a dime. As a mystery shopper, you can enjoy a romantic date night or night out with a friend at high-end restaurants in exchange for evaluating customer service, ambiance, and overall dining experience. As a mystery shopper, you can enjoy this luxurious privilege all without breaking the bank.
  2. Hotel Stays: Fancy a weekend getaway or a relaxing staycation? Mystery shopping can make it happen. Hotels and resorts rely on mystery shoppers to assess their guest services and amenities. By becoming a mystery shopper, you can enjoy complimentary stays at elegant accommodations. From cozy bed and breakfasts to five-star resorts, you’ll have the chance to experience the best of hospitality without spending a penny.
  3. Spa Treatments: Everyone deserves a little pampering now and then. Mystery shopping in the beauty and wellness industry can grant you access to rejuvenating spa treatments, facials, massages, and more, all free of charge. As a mystery shopper, your role may include evaluating the staff's knowledge, cleanliness, and overall experience provided by the establishment.
  4. Entertainment and Amusement: Enjoying concerts, movies, theme parks, or other forms of entertainment can be an exciting perk of mystery shopping. Companies often seek mystery shoppers to evaluate the overall guest experience at events, including assessing the quality of performances, amenities, and customer service. This means you can attend shows or visit amusement parks for free and even bring a friend along!
  5. Retail Therapy: Love shopping? Mystery shopping offers you the chance to indulge in retail therapy while having your purchases reimbursed. As a mystery shopper, you may be assigned to evaluate the customer service, store layout, or product displays in various retail outlets. Not only will you receive free merchandise, but your feedback will also help businesses enhance their operations.
  6. Travel Experiences: If you have a passion for travel, mystery shopping can be your ticket to exploring new destinations. Some mystery shopping assignments involve evaluating travel services, such as flights, car rentals, or tourist attractions. Whether it’s a city break or an exotic getaway, mystery shopping can turn your travel dreams into reality.
  7. Automotive Services: Car maintenance can be costly, but mystery shopping can help save your bank account. Automotive service providers often employ mystery shoppers to assess their customer service, repair processes, and overall experiences. In return, you can enjoy complimentary services such as oil changes, car washes, tire rotations, and more. 
  8.  Home Appliances and Electronics: Do you find yourself frequently upgrading your tech gadgets or home appliances? Mystery shopping can be a great way to fuel your passion without breaking the bank. Companies often seek mystery shoppers to evaluate the sales process, product knowledge, and customer service in electronic stores. By participating, you may receive free products or reimbursement for your purchases.

Mystery shopping opens the door to a world of exciting possibilities and access to a wide range of incredible freebies. From fine dining experiences and luxurious hotel stays to spa treatments, retail therapy, and entertainment, the possibilities are endless. By signing up for mystery shopping opportunities, you not only enjoy complimentary products and experiences but also play a crucial role in improving the quality of goods and services provided by businesses. So, why wait? Start exploring the world of mystery shopping and enjoy the benefits of getting things for free! Sign up now at to get started!

Meet Akeisha Donovan!
Akeisha is a wife of 16 years to a retired Army vet. She is a mom to three boys, two of whom she homeschools. She loves to read and learn new things. Praise music is her favorite music. Purple has always been her favorite color, but teal is fast approaching its appeal. Having fun (especially for free) with her family is her favorite way to spend her time.