How to Plan the Perfect Year

perfect plan planning year Dec 21, 2019

With a new year on the horizon, many people are busy creating resolutions. Come January, the gyms will be packed, self-help books will be flying off the shelves, and planners will be colorfully decorated in the first few pages.

All that is fine and dandy, but what really helps create a great year? Below we’ve compiled a short list to help you plan your perfect year

Review the last year. Reflect on the good, not so good, and the bad. Everything that happened to you, for you, and because of you are all important to reflect on and understand as you move into your new season. As they say, you can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been.

Envision your next year. What does it look like? How are you different? What big changes will there be? Many people create vision boards – which are a great idea btw. Your vision board should inspire you, be realistic, and be looked at every day.

Break it down. This is the one step so many people fail to plan out. You’ve got to take the time to break down each of your goals in into “bite-sized” actionable steps. Each step needs a deadline. And for every several steps, a milestone. When you hit a milestone, reward yourself.

It takes some serious planning to create the perfect year, but it can be done. Set aside an entire weekend to plan your year. You could even host a planning party complete with food!

Need a little inspiration?

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